Module One

Your Inner Child

Hello again, I am so happy to see you, so glad you could made it. Welcome to module One!

In this module we are going to find that inner child that you have buried deep inside of you. They have been waiting for you, they will be so happy to see you!

Our inner child is in reality our one true self, the part of us that has been pushed down in many ways in order for us to become adults and live within what society deems fit or proper in our human form.

Inner Child

Have you ever reconnected with a childhood friend? Do you remember how it felt like no time had passed and you just stepped right back into your friendship? Even decades later. Feeling like a kid again. That is because you connected as  friends with a piece of your true self. The self you were before all that outside conditioning. On the outside you look different, but inside you are the same as you were when you became friends in the first place. You are a part of each other, a part of the same whole. It is an amazing experience. If you haven't tried it, you should. Try and reconnect with an old friend if you can through social media. That is how I did it!

Reconnect to Your Inner Child - Your True Self 

Please use a journal or your computer to answer these questions.

You will want to keep these and refer back to your answers as needed.

There are no right or wrong answers, these are for you to explore your own inner child.

Be honest with yourself, these are for you, so the deeper the answer the better.

Enjoy these, make it fun!

Holding Hands
When communicating with my inner child, I am always very kind and understanding. I was adorable when I was little, “Like a dancing little fairy shining my light all over the place”, according to one of my Aunts. Always with so much wonder and adventure in every move I made. I had lost that spark from all my negative self talk, talk that I had picked up somewhere else, it was not natural for me. I found that I am not as harsh to her as I had been to myself in the past. This was eye opening for me and I felt my sparkle start to ignite again!
- Lisa Hope


  • I want you to picture yourself in your mind as you were when you were a kid. If you have a photograph of yourself as a 4 or 5 year old, that is perfect, look at it.
  • Take a good look at their little face, smiling back at you. Can you remember what it was like back then? What things did you like to do? Do you still do any of them now? What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • I want you to start a conversation with them. Ask them how they are doing. Assure them that you are there to protect them, apologize for letting them go, promise them you are not leaving their side again. Reminisce with them, talk about the things you used to do. Have a full on conversation with them, without judging yourself for doing it. Don't worry about what others will think, this is between you and your inner child and nothing else matters at that moment but the two of you. Reconnect with yourself, your soul.
  • Make a list of the things you enjoyed as a child. As small as they seem to be. I used to love laying in the grass and gazing at the clouds, seeing the shapes they made. Oh look, an elephant floating by! Smell the fresh air and feel the breeze on your face. I always liked looking for a lucky 4 leaf in a patch of clover, I would spend hours searching. These are simple things, but they were things that gave me peace and happiness. Write it all down and you will start to bond with yourself again as you remember. There are no wrong answers and no one will judge you! You are safe at this moment. Just be honest with yourself. They are listening to EVERYTHING that you say or think to yourself. Be aware of that going forward.
  • Now take at least 3 of your favorite things on that list, then go and do them, together. Grab them by the hand and enjoy each one with no internal judgements.
Your Self Talk

“What we say to ourselves matters! We need to pay attention to what we say about ourselves, our inner child is listening. Would you say those things to them directly? If your answer is no, then why are you saying it to yourself?

For example, "I am not good enough.” can be changed to, “I am definitely enough.” Once you start to believe it, it will give you your power back. Here are some more examples...”I can't do it.” Change that to “I CAN do this!” or “I am not smart enough.” to “I got this, I am so smart.” You get the idea. There is always a positive way to look at things, it just takes some practice. YOU GOT THIS!

Take a look at how you can make it even kinder and keep repeating it. Write them down on sticky notes and place them around your space. Set a reminder telling yourself how worth it you special you wonderful you are. Always keeping your little self in mind. It is your responsibility to protect them, to protect yourself. Don't be the one to make you not believe in yourself. You have the ability to be kind!

Little Lisa

Breath into your inner child meditaton


There could be some pain and discomfort before you can release past hurt fully and get to the good stuff, you are worth it though.

Remember that it is in the past, you are safe from it now.

Always, if you need any help, talk to someone you trust or see a counsellor to work through it safely. There is no shame in reaching out when you need it and there are people there willing to help you.


  • Make a list of the negative things that you might say to yourself throughout the day. 
  • Make another list of more caring things you could replace those thoughts with. Start thinking those good thoughts instead from now on.
  • Repeat your list out loud to yourself in a mirror. Do it until it becomes natural. Believe it...with all your heart!
  • How does that make you feel when you stop hurting yourself with your inner dialog? Do you see yourself in a different light? Write down 3 positive words that describe those feelings.

If you are going through some hard memories, write about it in your journal, scribble it onto a napkin...or go say it to yourself into a mirror. Work through your life's past and any pain. This is for you, not anyone else, so again, no wrong or judged answers. When you are done, you can rip it up, burn it, or crumple it up and throw it into the trash, or walk away from the long as you let it go in some way.

Be honest with yourself, these are for you.