Module Two

Calming Yourself

Hello again, I am so happy to see you, so glad you could made it to module 2!

In this module we are going to learn hot to use the tools to help calm yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious.

Our mind is a very powerful tool in itself. Once we learn how to use our mind to calm the rest of our body, we can calm it too.


I found some very helpful tools on my journey to keep me calm. I am very grateful to the people that shared them with me, I want to share them with you now. You will be able to use them, not only for staying above those waves of adversity, but to help you find peace in everyday situations. We can’t be happy 100% of the time, but we can learn how to find calmness at any moment.


Please use a journal or your computer to answer these questions.

You will want to keep these and refer back to your answers as needed.

There are no right or wrong answers, these are for you to experience in your own way, so it works best for you.

Be honest with yourself, these are for you, so the more you put into it, they more you will get out of it.

Breathe Free

Life always seems to find a way to go sideways from time to time and things seem to be out of our control. Everyday holds its own challenges, that’s for sure.

Being truly happy means that you need to be able to ride those waves, while still keeping that smile naturally upon your face and possibly even enjoy them. 


  • Visualize the air enter your nostrils, follow it down into your belly. Feel it fill your lungs, and hold it for 3 seconds. Then slowly blow it out through your lips like you would if a straw was in your mouth. Do this 3 times, with or without your eyes closed. You just stopped thinking for a few minutes. Try this the next time you are anxious about something. As many times as it takes for you to slow down your breathing. Write how it feels for you. Did it calm you down? Write down how many breaths it takes to calm down. Try this every day for one week and notice how the amount of breaths changes each day.
  • Learn how to just slow your breathing down. Listen to it, is it fast or slow. Take control of it, slow it down by breathing deeper. Fill your stomach as much as you can, then slowly let it out. Write down what you see and how it makes you feel.
  • Listen to one of the breathing sound audio file below. Listen to the ebb and flow of gentle ocean waves kissing the sand. Match your breath to the waves. Or the breathe into the steady sound of the stream trickling over the rocks. Enjoy the sounds of the rain gently falling in the quiet of the night. Try them all and see which one works best for you. Write down any thoughts that may come into your mind during this practice once you are done. Do it for as long as you wish. They are all 3 hours long so you can use them to fall asleep too.
Rain Breathing
Ocean Breathing
Stream Breathing

I am in control of what I do and what I am thinking at all times. Yes, you read that right, I am in control of my thoughts. You are too, believe that. If the incident that pulled me into an anxious state seems more overwhelming than usual, I say that to myself a few times, until I believe it. You will eventually too if you say it enough times. Sometimes it does take some encouragement on your part, negative things will enter your mind. You just need to notice them and change the thought. I am here offering you that. Remember, we are in control of what we say to ourselves in our own head.

I remember a time when I was driving my cab and got overwhelmed with how busy it was. I had not stopped picking people up for hours. I seriously needed a bathroom break and something to eat in a big way. I was hangry. I pulled over, turned down my dispatching radio, and used this tool. Everything calmed down for me in no time at all I was then able to continue on with the busy time until it died down long enough to take a break. I was very grateful for this knowledge at that very moment.

My Golden Taxi
Just Breathe Guided Meditation

There could be some pain and discomfort before you can release past hurt fully and get to the good stuff, you are worth it though.

Remember that it is in the past, you are safe from it now.

Always, if you need any help, talk to someone you trust or see a counsellor to work through it safely. There is no shame in reaching out when you need it and there are people there willing to help you.


  • Take 3 deep breaths as in your Just Breathing exercises.
  • Notice that you are conscious in this very moment.
  • Tell yourself that you are safe in this very moment. Tell yourself that nothing is drastically changing in this very moment. Tell yourself that you have the courage and power to move into the next moment.

If you are going through some hard memories, write about it in your journal, scribble it onto a napkin...or go say it to yourself into a mirror. Work through your life's past and any pain. This is for you, not anyone else, so again, no wrong or judged answers. When you are done, you can rip it up, burn it, or crumple it up and throw it into the trash, or walk away from the long as you let it go in some way.

Be honest with yourself, these are for you.

Getting Yourself 
GroundedCalmat Peace

tools i like to use

Grounding yourself is another way to calm your nerves. It is not like when we grounded our kids if they misbehaved. No, it is bringing yourself back to your center, your peace, your very own happy place.

Go for a walk

Walking in Sand

Visualize a happy place

Happy Place by the Pool

Touch nature

Feel the Energy

The 5...4...3...2...1 Method

  • Think of 5 things that you can hear...
  • Think of 4 things that you can see...
  • Think of 3 things that you can touch...
  • Think of 2 things that you can smell...
  • Think of 1 thing that you can taste...

When we get ourselves grounded it also helps us get into the present moment. We are able to organize our thoughts, and calm our anxieties. When we feel frantic, stressed, in chaos, easily distracted, powerless, spacey, or unconnected to your body and life, we are ungrounded..

Work on a special project

Eyes On Earth Music Video

Listen to music


Dance in my living room

Lisa Dancing