Module Four

Believe in yourself

Hello again, I am so happy to see you, so glad you have made it to module 4!

In this module we are going explore our beliefs and learn how to believe in ourselves, if we don't already.

Lockside Drive  in Sidney BC

Throughout my life, I have not really had a certain faith in anything. I went to Sunday School as a kid and got baptized when I was an adult to help my kids try and find something to believe in. However, I never actually believed in what they said I should believe in. To be honest, I always felt like I was about to be struck by lightning every time I was in a church. I knew there was a higher power, although I wasn't sure just what it was. I feel that everyone needs to believe in something, something to keep them moving forward. Something to fall back on when things get rough. I never imagined that it would be the belief in myself that would be my strength.

Who Am I?...

Please use a journal or your computer to answer these questions.

You will want to keep these and refer back to your answers as needed.

There are no right or wrong answers, these are for you to experience in your own way, so it works best for you.

Be honest with yourself, these are for you, so the more you put into it, they more you will get out of it.

Ocean Sunset

Growth or Fixed Mindset

What's the Difference? “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t; you’re right.” These wise words by Henry Ford provide the perfect summary of how your mindset affects your ability to learn and achieve. Because if you believe there’s no way you can possibly improve, why would you bother trying?

That’s exactly what the innovative theory of growth mindsets vs fixed mindsets aims to explain. So, what is a growth mindset, and how can it benefit you?  Having a growth mindset means you believe you are capable of learning new skills and improving your knowledge through practice, classes, studying etc. On the other hand, having a fixed mindset means you believe that you’re born with a fixed level of intelligence, talent and skills, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t improve on it.

While these two mindsets form an integral part of modern classroom teaching, you can use them to level up in all aspects of your life, no matter your age, occupation, or circumstances. 

Fixed mindsets are the equivalent of placing yourself in a box. And when you believe that nothing you can do will allow you to get out of that box, you stop trying, and your belief comes true. Whatever you believe about yourself will come true. On the other hand, those with growth mindsets understand that nothing is set in stone, there is no box. A growth mindset tend to have higher self-esteem and self-confidence as they believe in their own abilities to work towards what they want. However, for those with a fixed mindset, their self-confidence is hindered by the idea that their genes and society put them in a tight box with no possibility to escape and reach for more.  Change your mindset to achieve different results!


  • First things first, you need to get to the root of your insecurity. In other words, why do you struggle to believe in yourself? Try and narrow down the cause (or causes) by asking yourself lots of questions and letting your mind free flow as you delve deeper into your thoughts and emotions. If you’re not sure where to begin, try using some of the following questions as prompts:

     Why do I think I am not good enough?
    - Has anyone made me feel like less than?
    - Did anything happen in my life that might explain my core beliefs now? 

     Once you’ve pinpointed where your lack of self-belief comes from, challenge it. Where is the evidence that the negative things you believe about yourself are true? Write your answers in your journal.
  • Fear is a funny thing. The truth is that everything amazing is just on the other side of our fears, I promise you. We often build things up in our minds to be much worse than the reality.  We are all guilty of this. In seeking that discomfort, you begin to learn that fear is a mindset that you can challenge. And once you realise you are stronger than your fear, there’s absolutely no stopping you! Think of a small situation that makes you uncomfortable and write about how it makes you feel. Then think of ways that you can challenge those thoughts if fear was not a factor.
  • You know that if you try new things and commit to them, you can always improve your skills. Because no one is “doomed” to stay the same forever. Stepping over that fear line is hard but necessary for you to move forward. Pick something that is fairly easy to do that you have some fear around. Now think to yourself, "Will I surely die if I do this?" Chances are you won't, other people do this with ease and without dying, so shall you. Believe in yourself and just do it! 
  • Make a habit of learning new skills If you don’t believe in yourself enough to try. Then you don’t put yourself out there to try new things, do you know what you are creating? A self-fulfilling prophecy. What that means is that by avoiding tasks you believe you aren’t good enough to do, you’re validating that belief and strengthening it to the point that eventually you’ll be so paralysed by fear that you can’t try those new things. Think about a skill you’ve always wanted to learn. Maybe it’s juggling, a new language, or how to sew. Then, find the absolute beginner step and start there. And most importantly, allow yourself to be a beginner, do not be hard on yourself. It’s only by starting from the beginning and going through growing pains that you’re able to get to the other side. And once you’ve realised you can learn new skills, your self-belief will take off!
  • Daily mantras and affirmations you can repeat into a mirror such as; “I am worthy of believing in myself.” or “I deserve to believing in myself.” work like magic. The more you practice, the more you’ll start to believe. In all honesty, you do deserve it! Feel it and grow with it.
  • Practice gratitude always!  Having a positive mindset is crucial to believing in yourself. If you constantly see the negative around you, it makes sense you’ll only focus on the negative inside you, too. Which means it’s time to cultivate a gratitude mindset and start seeing all the blessings in your life. Every day, in your journal, write three to five things you are grateful for. They don’t need to be profound; you can write that you are thankful for the first coffee in the morning if that makes you happy. You’ll learn to see that there are positives you can take away in almost every situation. Start your day by saying, "Good morning new day!" 
Listen to your ...
Lisa by the ocean

Once I started to believe in myself, wonderful things started to happen in my life. It was proving it's magic to me every day. The more I had connecting thoughts, the more positive things happened to me. I began meeting the right people, the people that would give me the tools to heal myself. It was like the Universe had a waiting list of important people, once I was ready, they were unleashed.


There could be some pain and discomfort before you can release past hurt fully and get to the good stuff, you are worth it though.

Remember that it is in the past, you are safe from it now.

Always, if you need any help, talk to someone you trust or see a counsellor to work through it safely. There is no shame in reaching out when you need it and there are people there willing to help you.

Self Meditation (music only)

Manifesting is one of the tools I used in order to find my inner power. I used to use it while I was driving the taxi, “Let's make a ton of money tonight!,” I would say outloud on my way to work. Sounds funny when I say it now, but there were times that I asked for a specific amount, higher than usual, and it would come to me. It was like the universe was saying, “Ok Lisa, here you go!” You asked for it. Here it is!” It blew my mind. I was so grateful. I would say out loud and with passion, “Thank you!” Right up to today, I still see signs that the universe has my back, and I look up and say, “I know that was you. Thank you so much!”. Sometimes I just look up, smile, and nod. The universe knows I noticed. We are one in the same aftr all and I feel comfortable and a part of something larger than my physical body!

I learned to start using my inner wisdom by using my phsical body. If I could go back and tell my teenage self one thing, it would be to listen to my inner alarms. We all have felt a twinge of something being off, that is our higher self letting us know that things are not right.

The more you think about something, and believe it's possible, the more will manifest for you. Try it out for yourself. Just believe!

how to Use your body

  • Stand in an open area where you have room to move.
  • With your hands by your side, gently close your eyes.
  • Ask your body to show you what is "Yes" Pay attention to how your body moves. Mine will lean forward for example.
  • Ask your body to show you what is "No" Pay attention to how your body moves. Mine will lean backwards. Yours may be different, just note which direction it is showing you.
  • Ask your body to show you what is 'It doesn't matter" Again, pay attention to how your body moves. Mine will lean to one side or not move at all. Ask it as many times as you need to get a clear reading for yourself.
  • Now it's time to test it. Ask a question out loud or in your head that you know will be a yes answer, a no answer, or one that doens't really matter one way or another. Have some fun with it, mine never lies to me. I trust it every time.
Just Believe In Yourself Meditation