Module Five


Hello again, a huge welcome to module 5!

In this module we are going to learn how to tap into your creative self.

Be Creative

We are all creative beings, whether we know it or not. Some of us just emit it more than others. You may need to look at a few things that you enjoy to find what your creative outlet is. There is no set medium to be creative with, only you know when you are in your creative zone. You will know that you are in it, you won’t need to ask. It will flow out of you and you will feel calm and at peace. Take a look at your list of accomplishments if you are still looking for your creative outlet. It will be in there, take the time to look deep.

Your Creative Outlet

Please use a journal or your computer to answer these questions.

You will want to keep these and refer back to your answers as needed.

There are no right or wrong answers, these are for you to experience in your own way, so it works best for you.

Be honest with yourself, these are for you, so the more you put into it, they more you will get out of it.


With so many different ways to be creative, there may be more than one thing that helps us express it. You may even find it in something that you didn’t even think of at all.

For example, while I am driving I get some of my best creative ideas. It is not like I am doing anything creative at the moment, but it is a space where I am at peace. It will just come to me and I cannot wait to implement it or dive into it deeper. Sometimes we need to ask our inner child what they want to do. The first thing that comes to my mind, as a child I loved to color and draw. Turns out, I still love it, I just had to remember that I did and start where I left off. It is so exciting to be doing what I loved to do as a child. The little girl in me has come alive again!

Think of ways that you can express it yourself, what do you like? You can paint, build something, grow a beautiful garden, organize your entire house, balance your cheque book, or even just set up the perfect bath with candles and enough bubbles to almost fully disappear in - they all work wonder-fully! The only limit is your own imagination. Don’t think about it, what others may think about it, or if you can actually do it or not. If it makes you feel good, do it! Creativity comes in myriad forms. Sometimes when we are not sure what ours is, we can set the intention to want to find out, we can stay still and listen for guidance and we can think outside of the proverbial box.


  • A great place to look for your creativity if you don't already know what it may be yet, is your list of accomplishments from module 3. Or you can simply ask that inner child of yours from module 1. Pick whatever jumps out at you and brings you excitemet. Maybe you want to try something completely new. It is all up to you.
  • Go get the supplies you will need to start. For example, if you enjoy colouring, go buy some felts and a fun colourig book, there are many adult options out there now. Whatever it may be, just get into your zone and enjoy it!
  • Set aside some you time and get your creativity on! Your soul will thank you for it!

There could be some pain and discomfort before you can release past hurt fully and get to the good stuff, you are worth it though.

Remember that it is in the past, you are safe from it now.

Always, if you need any help, talk to someone you trust or see a counsellor to work through it safely. There is no shame in reaching out when you need it and there are people there willing to help you.