Module Six

Our health

Hello again, so glad you could made it to module 6! Only one more to go! I am so proud of you!

In this module we are going to learn how to take care of the physical part of us that will help us form a complete package of good health.

Happy in Bocca Tomatlan

Something I never took the time to do was look after my body. I never ate the right things, never worked out regularly, nor did I have any kind of regiment to keep my skin healthy. I smoked, drank alcohol, ate junk food, and never slept enough. I was always looking after everyone else's health, never my own.


Please use a journal to keep track of your daily meals and how you enjoyed it, be descriptive.

You will want to keep these and refer back to your favorites when you  need some inspiratio.

There are no right or wrong answers, these are for you to experience in your own way, so it works best for you.

Be honest with yourself, these are for you, so the more you put into it, they more you will get out of it.

Super Salad

I was tired, none of my clothes fit properly, and I was not as happy as I knew I could be. I needed to take a look at what my own body and soul needed.

Cooking for just one person was a major challenge for me. I cooked huge meals for my large family for over 30 years. This concept of cooking for just me, alone, was new. My Grandma once told me, “If you are a good cook, it is for one of two reasons. You either love cooking or you love who you are cooking for.” For me it was always the latter. I had to learn how to love myself, at least as much as I love my family, in order to enjoy cooking again. I was definitely worth the effort. I am, aren't I? Damn right I am! Yes, I had to convince myself quite often, and now, I love making beautiful, nourishing meals just for me...  

what you eat

  • Write down the things you like to eat.
  • Make a list of things you don't like to eat.
  • Try a new recipe with some of your favorite foods., something you have always wanted to try but didn't because your kids would not have approved.

While cooking for one seems like a lot of work at first, I just thought about it this way. Keep cooking for more than one! Just freeze meals for your future self! That was my mistake, I thought I had to create a meal for just me, for that day. Oh how I loved myself for having those meals in my freezer after a long day when I didn't feel like cooking. It is, after all, the little things that bring us our happiness. Having a freezer full of delicious meals was definitely bringing me happiness. I also had enough meals of the same thing if people showed up unannounced. Use some of that creativity when cooking. Try new things. Try new things that you may not have cooked for your family because of food allergies or dislikes. You may surprise yourself.

When the pandemic hit I was forced to do more cooking for myself instead of eating out. This is how I learned to cook more healthy foods for myself since I had more time to experiment.

Healthy Lunch in PV

I knew I was getting older, and being a professional driver, I had added a few pounds to my normally petite stature. I knew that I needed to start doing something. That thought alone caused me agony , so I didn’t do anything at all.

As with everything I do, I knew that I had to look outside of the box. I had to change the way I looked at exercise. I turned to my inner child once again. What did we do when we were kids? We liked walking in nature, using our imagination while doing it.

I had to get back into that mindset, and that is what I did. I bought a bike. I did not have one for a very long time, probably over 25 years. I felt like a kid again as soon as I sat on that seat for the first time. Who knew how powerful that hard seat could be.

Last walk in Canada 2020

I had to be active for my own happiness. I wanted to have more fun doing the things that made me heathy.

Swimming in Paso Ancho Rio


  • Find a new way to be active.
  • Change the way you think about being active, make it fun.
  • Write in your journal what you did and how it made you feel. Did you enjoy it? Did changing your mindset make it feel less like exercise?

Everything we do is a mindset. We have full control over what that mindset is. Believe it! I took things that seemed like a huge chore before and turned them into something I found to be fun. 

It not only helped me become healthier physically, it reset my mental health in a positive way too. I looked forward to doing things again, not because they needed to be done, but because I wanted to do them. Take the tasks that you find daunting and turn them into something you love to do. 

Try it, just on one thing. You will start changing the way you think about other tasks as well. No one needs to know what you are thinking as you do things, nor is it their business to begin with. Do things for you, you are all that really matters right now!

Lisa in Paso Ancho

When I moved to Mexico, I sold my bike and had to get creative once again to stay active. Needless to say, it wasn't too hard. Swimming in the ocean, floating down the river, and taking long walks in town and out in the jungle were my new activities.

On the beach in Mazatlán


  • Think of something that you need to do but don't really want to.
  • Change the way you think about that task. Do it for YOU!
  • Write in your journal what you did and how it made you feel. Did you enjoy it? Did changing your mindset make it better?

Just Relax Meditation