Module Seven


Hello again! You made it all the way to module 7! Write that down on your list of accomplishments!

In this module we are going to learn how to finalize our love of thyself! 

Ok, so you have figured out who you are and what makes you tick. FABULOUS! You have a brand new set of tools to get you through life with confidence. That is truly amazing, congratulations! Now what? Well, the final step is to learn how to fully love yourself! Yes, you can accomplish this task too! It is probably the most important one of all! Talk about saving the best for last.

Love Yourself

This could be one of the hardest things that you will have to learn in your lifetime, but one that will be completely worth it. How does one learn how to love themself? Changing the way you think and treat yourself is how. Once you do, things shift and stay that way as long as you are truly loving yourself. Why wouldn’t you? You are amazing! I already know that about you! And once you see that too, everything will magically fall into place. Since you are at this point in the book, the final frontier…I mean chapter - you are most likely right here with me…loving yourself up!

Steps for Loving Yourself
  • 1. Let Go of All Judgment

  • First you need to stop judging yourself! The negative things that you say to yourself stop you from loving yourself. What you say in your own mind about yourself, you will believe. Do you really want to believe that you aren’t good enough? Of course you don’t, so stop doing it. You learned that while re-connecting with your inner child. Whatever we focus on expands, so make it good, not bad. Don’t go down that slippery slope of saying things that you would never say to a small child that you love who is hurting…YOU are that small child, remember. We tend to look at the things we see as mistakes and hold them against ourselves. Everyone makes mistakes, that is how we learn, so start teaching yourself to accept that. You are not your mistakes or bad choices. You learn from them, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. Everyone makes them, EVERYONE! Make your first good choice to be kinder to yourself.
  • 2. Love that Inner Child

  • Remember that inner child from chapter one, that sweet little child that you are protecting. Love them and yourself as one. Hold that child tight, love them with all your might. I never do anything without mine, while holding her little hand. It gives me the strength that I need sometimes. If I need courage to do something, I grab her hand and hold on tight.
  • 3. Become Aware

  • What you decide to believe, inside your own head, is up to you. When we take ownership and responsibility for our thoughts, we are also taking care of our future. How? Our thoughts create our emotions which cause us to react or respond to things. All of these things begin with our thoughts…which then, create our reality. Choose well and be careful what you wish for. This isn’t a one time deal…every time you say something harsh to yourself, put your hand on your heart and say, “Im sorry, little one. You are not “stupid” or “lazy” or…fill in your own blank….You are so beautiful and I love you!
Maggie & Lisa

I jumped into myself with both feet, with all my courage, trust, and love. I ignored the fears and negative feedback from others and just went for what I wanted and some things that I didn't even know I wanted. I would never change a thing now, I have zero regrets. I love myself and would do anything to make myself happy and feel protected. Tying it all together is the glue to everything, your mind/body/soul. 

Lisa in Vancouver, BC 2020

We realized that there is something larger than ourselves that we can count on and turn to when we need it. We found our faith in something. You could believe in a paperclip on your desk if you choose, it just gives us something to turn to when we need it. That paperclip could take you to places that you never imagined before. It gives you strength to do it, all by yourself. Then you can add whatever that is to your list of awesomeness. Check and check! 


Thank you so much for taking this journey with me!

Love & Light,


You have learned to see who you are, what you have done in your life up until now, and see the wonderful person you really are by looking at your past accomplishments. You should be celebrating this new accomplishment right now! 


You know you deserve it, go eat the cake, ride the surfboard, or write your book. You have done so many things already, you know that you can do it! Add to your list often and celebrate yourself along the way. That is what life is all about, it’s absolutely the journey, certainly not the destination! 

Eat the Cake

Tapping into your creativity gracefully slides into line to help you see deeper inside yourself. Without it we can never be happy, no matter how hard we try. 

Creative Self

Tomorrow is a new day. The world will not stop rotating because you took a day to yourself. Do not look down on yourself for it. We all need to take that day from time to time. Do not dwell on it, embrace it and then let it go. Even the strongest people have those days too! Honestly, they do! They would be lying to you if they said that they didn’t. The world is not going to end if you take a personal day! Take one, take them as often as you need to! You will start knowing exactly when you need them, listen to those signs, then let them happen without guilt. Life goes on! Worrying about what others think about you is none of your business. If they don’t understand that you need that day, it is none of their business that you do. Stop worrying about it! 

Lisa in Parksville

This is your life, do what makes you happy! If they don’t like your decisions, so what. That is their problem if they feel the need to judge you, don’t judge yourself because of what they say. That may be their opinion, it doesn’t have to be yours! Remember that you are in charge of that thought! Love yourself! Everyday is a beautiful new day filled with amazing experiences, I choose to see it that way. Make up your mind to see it too, look outside when you first wake up and say, “Good morning world! It is going to be a great day!”. That is all that it takes. If things try to go sideways on you, and the wave of life will do that, take a deep breath and use your life experiences to figure a better way of looking at the situation. Reassure yourself that things will be okay, reassure your inner child, and it will be so. Don’t stop looking at new tools, you can never have enough.  

Congratulations! YOU DID IT!